"As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person."

Paul Shane Spear


Applied Behaviour Solutions

Providing quality training and support through evidence-based programs 

that foster resilience and emotional regulation.

We offer a range of workshops and programs for parents, caregivers, educators, and 

health care professionals looking to increase personal resilience and pass 

these vital skills on to the people they care for.


Resiliency Skills Training for Service Providers

RIRO Resiliency Skills Training Program provides service providers working in early learning, child care, community/mental health and other settings with the knowledge and skills they need to model and teach resilience approaches to young children, from birth to eight years of age. The 12-hour evidence-based program has several flexible delivery models designed to meet the individual needs of groups and organizations. 

Bounce Back and Thrive

Resiliency Skills Training for Parents

Bounce Back & Thrive! (BBT) is a 10-session evolving evidence-based resiliency skills training program for parents with children under the age of 8 years. BBT helps parents build skills that increase their capacity to 

role model resilience in their daily

 interactions with their children.

Camps on Tracks

Peer Mediated Social Skills Training

The Camps on TRACKS training program teaches camp staff best practices in supporting campers to make friends and how to interact with peers who may have social challenges. 

It is implemented by teaching peers the skills they need to interact with these campers,

 in order to make camp a fun and 

rewarding experience for all.

As Educators and parents, an important part of our job is to guide children who might be

struggling to process their own emotional responses to the world. By providing children with the ability to make choices and to regulate their emotions, we help build resiliency.

Resilient children become resilient adults

As adults, we often neglect our own needs when it comes to handling 

overwhelming or complicated situations. We may recognize that stress is a part of everyday life and try to find our own way of coping. Children, however, also experience stress, but have limited coping resources.

By exploring situations together, our programs teach adults how to expose 

children to a wider range of emotions, and prepare them to 

handle intense or unexpected situations. 

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